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So I'm planning on doing MLP reviews with a Jontron style twist to it. The question is how should it be styled? Like when the video cuts to me. I'm looking for other suggestions so please leave them in the comments if you have any. 

10 deviants said Basic Style: Pony OC in video with facial expressions and video in BG. Think Silver Quill or VoiceOfReason or joshscorcher
6 deviants said Gmod Pony: Using a GMod pony OC I can do mini Nostalgia Critic like skits in the review, More facial expressions and video will be in BG too
3 deviants said Live Action: it would be hard to do but possible. It would be a mix like NC and Jon but it would cut away to video rather then having it in the BG. I might not do this one but throwing it out there anyway.
1 deviant said Sprite: Using a Pony sprite OC the same can be done like the GMod version, just with sprites



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Ello everyone! This is my random Deviant art of nothingness!!
I make gameplay videos. So you might know me as maf016 or Matt16X on youtube.
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My Steam name is MattX16. But I always change it. But feel free to add me!

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So I got an idea of how the review will be like but I want to get a test review first and I have no clue what to review, season 5 is way to far away and Equestria Girls is to long (but I will totally review that).
So what would you like to see reviewed. A bad episode of MLP or a fan creation like Dusks Dawn?
Yes I would totally beat a dead horse... Wait isn't that a double meaning to Bronies?



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